Being fit and healthy is one of the main goals of my life, and I created Age of Strength with the goal of helping people live their best life as they grow older. I've been on both sides of the fitness spectrum; I've been so incredibly active and health, able to run 15 miles without breaking a sweat, but I've also been so sick I could barely move and on many operating tables getting surgery. Both my dad and I realize how much better and more full life can be when you don't have to worry about your health and you can participate in all of the activities that you love.

Growing up, my dad wasn't always as fit as he is now; it wasn't until I was around 20 years old that he finally took his fitness into his own hands and became Shrinking Guy. I was away on a mission for my church at the time, and I remember getting his letters and seeing pictures as he transformed from someone dealing with obesity and insomnia into a happy, fit, and determined individual ready to live life to the fullest. We've both seen the benefits of health and fitness time and time again, and now we're ready to bring our knowledge and expertise to you.

Nate is an expert personal trainer certified by NASM and lives with his wife in Springville, Utah. He loves health and fitness and doing anything active, and has a strong background in helping people with health and fitness. Tim (Shrinking Guy) currently lives and works in South Jordan Utah with his wife, and has five children aged 13-29. He loves health and fitness and operates a very successful fitness blog, which can be found at

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